On Refrigerators and Finance

It’s a big day today!  You may not realize it, but today is a fairly significant holiday.  It isn’t observed by too many different states, cities, or even businesses.  But it SHOULD be!  I have to admit, I don’t know that I’ll specifically observe it today, but I do several other times throughout the year.

What unobserved holiday could be such a big deal?  November 15th, 2019 is “Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”.  That’s right.  Call your boss and tell them you won’t be in due to the holiday.  Who knows?  It might even be a religious observation for you.

OK, so it’s not really that big of a deal.  But stick with me and I think we can make this into something.  Not necessarily something big, but at least something.

Man in RefrigeratorClean out your refrigerator.  Check the expiration dates on everything you have in there.  In particular, pay attention to how much you throw out.  It may feel wasteful, but that will be a more pleasant feeling than the food poisoning you get from eating food just for the sake of not wasting it.

How much food are you simply getting rid of?

How much did you spend on that extra food that you didn’t eat?

Could you have paid a little more attention and actually consumed that food before it went bad?

Is there anything you spent money on and then NEVER EVEN TOUCHED?

Again, don’t risk the food poisoning to avoid the feeling of wastefulness.  But take what you learn from your refrigerator contents and apply that to the future.  Is there anything you just shouldn’t ever include in your shopping list?  Was there a day or two you could have saved money on buying lunch by taking what you already had in the refrigerator?  How do we reduce the need for another “Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”?

Now that we have the refrigerator dealt with, where else can you apply these same concepts?  What other parts of your life are a refrigerator that needs cleaning?

Are there any magazine subscriptions that you just don’t read?

How about a gym membership that you never use beyond the middle of January?  (How is that New Year’s resolution going for you anyway?)

empty pocketAre there any small spending habits that are adding up without you realizing?  This could be as simple as buying a case of soda from the grocery store rather than going to the gas station every day to buy them one at a time at a greatly inflated cost (that whole convenience thing).

If you are finding things to clean out of your proverbial refrigerator, don’t worry.  None of us are perfect.  This isn’t about how much money you do or don’t have.  In fact, those with more money coming in often have more to clean out of the proverbial refrigerator than others.

This can easily be done by yourself.  Just start tracking every penny you spend for a month and intentionally look at where it is all going.  Then see if there are any moldy, crusty, nasty expenses you would just be better off without.

If you would like someone to walk through your budget with you, the counselors at the Center for Financial Resources would be happy to help.  You can schedule an appointment on our website or by calling us at 605-330-2700.  I assure you, we have all cleaned out our own refrigerators a time or two (or more).  We understand.


written by Breck Miller, Community Relations Coordinator
images courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

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