Meet the Blogger – Breck Miller

Apparently I’ve developed a bit of a reputation within our organization. It seems some staff can identify which blog posts are mine just by the title of the post. With all of the information available to us, I need to grab your attention somehow, right? Before you make too many assumptions about me based on my blog post titles alone, I decided to write this so that you could find out about the real me (perhaps not quite as exciting as my blog titles may indicate).

As the Community Relations Coordinator for theBreck_Miller Center for Financial Resources, I absolutely love my job. It really seems to be the culmination that draws so much of my background together. In my position, I generally split my time between outreach and education. Here at CFR I teach groups ranging from high school students to senior citizens and have been in classrooms to workplaces to the senior center and am even at the state penitentiary regularly (just for class – they let me go home at the end of the day).

My background is in education. With a degree in Parish Education, I was leading education in a church full time, teaching preschool through adult. Needing a change, my family and I moved back to Sioux Falls where I became a Realtor for 5 years. While I really enjoyed helping people buy and sell homes, I found my way back to teaching real estate pre-licensure and ethics. Like Jonah heading for Nineveh, I couldn’t avoid the call back to teaching.

So here I am, drawing together my background in education and real estate as I teach a variety of financial fitness classes and Homebuyer Express. The sales experience is also useful as I work on outreach. Outreach is really just sales after all and I did a fair amount of that while in real estate. Having a church-work background, it is also great to be a part of a Christian organization that shares so many of my values.

Free time? Yes there is occasionally a bit of free time for me. I am usually kept busy at home with my wife, two kids, and a dog that I think will be all puppy regardless of her age. I love being outside working in the yard, hunting, fishing, or carrying my camera around. I also find time to volunteer at my kids’ school and at church in a variety of roles (show up the right Sunday morning and you’ll see the rock-and-roll side of me come out, as much as we Lutherans rock and roll).

Curious for more? Call our office for a chat. I’m usually pretty approachable if I am around. If I’m not here, leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I am able. Until then, enjoy the blog posts and have a great day!

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