A Glimpse of What My Life Was Like

LSS Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling Services

At age 17, a young woman found herself in a very difficult situation. She was pregnant. As overwhelming as the news was, she was excited and dreamt of her family, their future together and all of the possibilities yet to come. Unfortunately, life had a different plan in mind for her. The father was unwilling to be present in their lives.

Still in high school, she turned to her family for advice. That’s where she learned about LSS Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling. She started working with a team at LSS and began exploring the “how to” of making an adoption plan.

She felt the pressure and the weight of the decision ahead of her, but the support she received through LSS Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling helped her every step of the way. Through adoption workshops, educational meetings and counseling sessions she felt more prepared day by day.

From the potential adoptive family profiles, she found a family that touched her heart. “The first time we met, I was so nervous. I knew a lot about them, but they didn’t know anything about me.” To tell her story, she gathered a tote filled with framed pictures to share with the family. “I wanted to give them a glimpse of what my life was like growing up.”

She was concerned her child wouldn’t have a male role model to look up to, but as her relationship with the adoptive parents grew, she felt at ease. Knowing that her son had a father, a good example and a positive role model to count on brought her peace.

Support services offered by LSS Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling are critical steps in the adoption or parenting process. Birthparent counseling, educational meetings and adoption workshops equip birthparents with all of the information needed to make the best decision for themselves and their children.

Please consider a donation through SouthDakotaCares.org to help support birth and adoptive parents in their journey to create a family. All donations in support of LSS Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling will be matched, up to $10,000!

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