South Dakota CARES: Find Your Match

This April, we honor the history, tradition and vision of LSS through South Dakota CARES, a statewide week of giving featuring program site tours, online giving challenges and social celebrations! Join us and be part of our vision by making a donation during our biggest fundraising event of the year! Go to to learn more or make an online gift today.

Foster Care Services up to $25,000
All donations in support of LSS Foster Care Services will be matched up to $25,000! Donations made to LSS Foster Care Services support the recruitment, training and licensing of new treatment foster families; expanding our ability to serve youth in our South Dakota communities. Donations can also support experiences for youth in foster care such as extra-curricular activity fees and equipment, birthday gifts, outings and more.

Cutting Edge Care Challenge
25 donors = $15,000
25 donors to the Cutting Edge Care Fund will unlock $15,000 to support our efforts to implement trauma-informed and evidence-based practices across the board! Please consider making a donation today to the LSS Cutting Edge Care Fund to ensure that therapists, social workers and direct care staff will continue to be on the cutting edge of new treatment modalities that are proven to be successful, ultimately changing the trajectory of the lives of those we serve.

Center for New Americans and Multi-Cultural Center up to $25,000
Thanks to a generous donor, your donation during South Dakota CARES to support the LSS Center for New Americans and the Multi-Cultural Center will be matched up to $25,000. Your donation this spring will go further than ever before! Please consider donating today to help create a strong path forward for a new and exciting partnership between LSS and the Multi-Cultural Center.’

Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling up to $10,000
Support services offered by LSS Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling are critical steps in the adoption or parenting process. Birthparent counseling, educational meetings and adoption workshops equip birthparents with all of the information needed to make the best decision for themselves and their children. Please consider a donation to help support birth and adoptive parents in their journey to creating a family. All donations in support of LSS Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling will be matched, up to $10,000!

Mental Health Challenge 50 donors = $25,000
Committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier for clients to access mental health care, LSS is one of the only providers in the state to offer a sliding fee scale based on income. Your support can ensure our ability to continue offering these services at an affordable price. 50 donors will unlock $25,000 to support LSS Behavioral Health Services!

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