National Adoption Month

What comes to mind when you hear that it is National Adoption Month? For some people, it’s a time to celebrate the adoption of a child, and that child becoming a permanent member of a family. For others, it’s an acknowledgement of a concept that, although provides permanency for a child, also means loss for that child, and for that child’s birth family. Adoption doesn’t happen without loss.

As I listened to a training today about navigating family connections in adoption, a phrase Mari Itzkowitz said jumped out at me. “It’s not about who the child belongs to, but rather who belongs to the child.” And I think that is an important thing to remember when talking about adoption. It’s about the child. Keeping those connections to birth family can mean more people in that child’s life who loves them. It means keeping in touch with their personal history and heritage. It means allowing adoptees the chance to fully know their story as they develop their sense of self.

National Adoption Month, to me, means a time to be more aware of adoption language. I still shutter when I hear people say, “They gave up their baby,” or “they kept their baby.” Birth parents make an adoption plan or a parenting plan. They place their baby for adoption, or they parent their baby. Take some time this month to educate yourself and others about how the words used in adoption can change the way we see the world of adoption.

LSS Pregnancy Counseling provides free options and decision making counseling to those facing an unintended pregnancy. We assist clients in making parenting or adoption plans for their baby, whatever they decide is the best plan for their child. LSS Adoption Services assists families in adopting a child through domestic and international adoption. South Dakota law also enables LSS to be able to provide post-legal adoption services to adopted persons.

For more information on LSS Adoption Services or LSS Pregnancy Counseling, please contact LSS at 605-221-2346 or 888-201-5061.

Submitted by Joyce Twite, LSS Pregnancy Counselor

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