My Role As an LSS Pregnancy Counselor

I have had the privilege to work as the LSS Pregnancy Counselor in Sioux Falls since July 2020. I have learned so much over these few months. LSS Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling Services are unique, amazing, and consist of three main components:  Adoption Services, Post Legal Adoption Services and Pregnancy Counseling. In my role as a Pregnancy Counselor, I provide services to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. All birth parents receive free, non-judgmental options counseling and decision making services. I am fortunate enough to help clients work through the process of making the best plan for them and their child, which may be an adoption plan or a parenting plan.  Regardless of the plan that is chosen, I provide clients with emotional support for them and their support system, as well as providing clients with community resources to help their individual plan succeed. If an adoption plan is chosen, I assist in developing relationships between the birth parents and the adoptive family.  I can also assist the birth parents in developing a hospital plan, and I collaborate with the hospital staff so that the hospital stay is successful for all parties involved. I am blessed to work with brave and resilient clients who are making life changing decisions.  The need for Adoption and Birthparent services is where LSS started 100 years ago, and although services may look a little different now, we continue to provide these services across the entire state of South Dakota, thankfully even during the pandemic.

For more information on LSS Adoption Services or LSS Pregnancy Counseling, please contact LSS at 605-221-2346 or 888-201-5061.

Submitted by Jessica DeSchepper, LSS Pregnancy Counselor

LSS Adoption & Pregnancy Counseling
621 E Presentation St |Sioux Falls SD 57104
605-221-2346 or 888-201-5061
Strengthening Individuals, Families & Communities

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