Meet A Match: Tricia & Klely

Every year, we like to honor a USucceed match that is graduating, and the Class of 2021 definitely made their mark on the program!

One match that has been together for nearly a decade is Tricia McKee and Klely. They were first matched when Klely was a 1st grader at Hawthorne. They met for three years, then Klely moved out of the area at the start of her 4th grade year.

She was back in Sioux Falls as a 7th grader, and one of the first things she did was ask about connecting with Tricia again. Tina Hawkins, counselor at George McGovern Middle School, reached out to LSS to see if this was even possible. We were able to contact Tricia, the two reunited and as they say, the rest is history!

Klely says it’s great to have a mentor, even after all these years. “I get excited and wait by the door still when she picks me up,” said Klely.

The two have still not run out of things to do. While they agreed they both sometimes have trouble making decisions, they are both always willing to try something new. If you notice the CUTE photos, they recently went to Selfie WRLD Sioux Falls and had lots of fun! 

Tricia is a very special person to Klely. She invited her to her Quinceanera, and that event was their best memory together. They enjoy the flexibility that USucceed offers, along with the ability to try new things. They enjoyed meeting in school, but like many matches, felt that they “outgrew” that when going to high school. 

Klely says the best thing about having a mentor is, “I like having someone to talk to. I get extra communication, support and advice…Tricia gives great advice.”

Tricia thinks that mentoring is “such a positive experience. I have enjoyed it so much. We encourage each other to pursue our dreams.”

We know that there are big things in the future for both of these women! LSS is proud to be a small part of their journey and we wish Klely all the best as she graduates from high school!

Post by Michelle Madsen | 605-444-7803

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