Welcoming 2015 with Cultural Singing and Dancing!

At the Center for New Americans, the last day of English classes before the holiday break is a day filled with singing, dancing, traditional clothing, and loads of cheer.   Students, teachers, and staff come together to celebrate the end of one year and joyously kick-off the next.  Below is just a sampling of the day’s festivities from December 18th.


A student from Darfur sings and plays a traditional instrument while other male students perform a tribal dance that involves jumping high into the air.

Hadas and Yalem

Two Tigrinya women from Eritrea in traditional clothing.


Students from Ukraine share a musical number.

Are you interested in helping our learners from around the world learn the English and cultural skills they need to thrive in Sioux Falls?  Are you, yourself, interested in gaining cross-cultural knowledge and communication skills?  Contact Kristyne at 731-2009 or click this link to learn about the volunteer opportunities available at the Center for New Americans.

~Post written by: Kadie, ESL Instructor at the Center for New Americans

Meet the blogger: Kadie Becker

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