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November 21, 2018


On Monday evenings, LSS hosts a More English Monday class where students come from all levels of English ability to learn about computers and to expand their English knowledge.  This class is crazy and busy.  The energy is palpable.  The students are excited, even when  they are hungry and just off work after a 10-12 hour day.  The dedication is unbelievable, and everyone learns something new in More English Monday.

Our students are also very thankful and so happy to be here, safe and sound, with family and friends, with a home and food.  This week we discussed Thanksgiving and the students answered the following questions:

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for my family because they make me happy.


I am thankful for my son because he helps me with my computer.


I am thankful for my team leaders at my job because they help me.


I am thankful for my health because I don’t have any problems.


I am thankful for my car.  It helps me for transportation.


I am thankful for my house.


I am thankful for reaching this country, the U.S., because I was a refuge.


I am thankful for American people because they give me freedom.


I am thankful because I am studying English.


I am thankful for the day.


I am thankful for my life.


Why are you thankful for LSS?

I am thankful for LSS because they helped me when I am came as a new refugee.


I am thankful for LSS, because I learn English.


I am thankful because I have very good teachers who teach me English.


I’m thankful for my English classes because I learn more day by day.


I am thankful for LSS because practice computer class.


I’m thankful for LSS because it’s a good school.


I am thankful because I meet many people who are immigrants.  They have the same problems as I.


I am thankful for LSS because they help me get citizenship.


What do you think all people should be thankful for?

People should be thankful for peace in the world.


All people should be thankful to have life.


All people need to be thankful for life because every day is a new chance to be better.


Thanksgiving commemorates a time that refugees came from Europe to find friends of the native people living in the wilderness of North America.  We celebrate family, friendship, and kindness, safety and freedom, a home, clothes, and food.  Thanksgiving is perhaps the most important of all holidays to remember where we came from and remind us where we should be going.


Written by Heather Glidewell, LSS English Instructor


The Great Thanksgiving Turkey

December 1, 2017

thanksgiving turkey

Our annual Thanksgiving celebration was a big hit this year.  Around 200 students, staff, teachers, and volunteers came together to share food and play Thanksgiving games.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, and it is especially important to our extended LSS family.  Students and teachers, together, worked hard for a memorable celebration.  Some students spoke and shared what they were thankful for, one class sang “Over the River,” and many students shared their gratitude and their feather on our Thanksgiving turkey.  Armed with 300 paper feathers, teachers and students discussed the importance of Thanksgiving and decorated the feathers with those things that the students were most grateful for.  Then students and teachers then added their feather to the turkey.

And what are our students thankful for?  What did the feathers say?  Answers varied from family, life, a safe home, America, a new chance, school, teachers to a better life, peace, freedom, and God.

LSS Classroom Volunteer Jenna said, “My favorite thanksgiving moment so far has been spending time with dozens and dozens of refugees and immigrants as we shared a (wonderfully international) Thanksgiving dinner. They all wrote something they were thankful for, and their words and spirit have been so humbling.”

After all the festivities, students, volunteers, and staff alike, were able to sit down and enjoy a wonderful internationally Thanksgiving meal complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and of course pumpkin pie alongside singryla, tamales, sambusa, and chow mein!  Such a wonderful feast for a wonderful day!

Written by Heather Glidewell and Silke Hansen, LSS ESL Instructors


Looking Back to Move Ahead

November 18, 2015

From now until Thanksgiving, the LSS blog will be looking at ‘Thankfulness’ in each of the posts. Written by various programs, check back each day for a different perspective on why or what we celebrate.

A while back my parents were watching my kids for the day. Needing to clean the house, my parents took some time to do that. Being the people-pleaser that she is, my daughter offered to help. So impressed by her willingness, my dad gave her a dollar for helping. When the basement came up, she again offered to help, so she was offered the task of dusting a few things. As soon as she was done, she looked at Grandpa and asked, “What do I get for that?” Read the rest of this entry »

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