In A House But Not Married

June 15, 2017

Not long ago, as we were doing introductions at the beginning of our Homebuyer Express class, one of the participants stated that he was scheduled to close on his new house in two weeks, but was still shopping around.

Ummmm, what???

As the story goes, he and his girlfriend were going to buy the house together and he, in the interest of peace and harmony, let her pick out the house.  But now, before closing, she was no longer girlfriend.  He could still afford the home, but it wasn’t the home he wanted.  So he was still looking around and trying to decide if the extra costs of backing out were worth it for him.

As more and more unmarried people are buying homes together, it brings some “interesting” potential issues to the surface.  Even if the individuals buying together aren’t a couple, but rather siblings, business partners, or just friends, the situations can provide for some more challenging “now what” moments. Read the rest of this entry »

Slave to the Landlord or Slave to the Bank?

January 27, 2016


I’m sitting here in my office with a south facing window, the sun shining in, and I’m thinking, “Man, that’s almost annoyingly hot on the side of my face.”  Then I turn and look out to see the sun glinting off of the ice covering our parking lot.  This is when cabin fever really starts setting in.  The sun is warmer, but it’s not warm outside yet.  Even if we get a warmish day, it will just be sloppy out there.

As much as I am going to get antsy to enjoy the spring flowers, there’s another cabin fever that will start kicking in soon too.  It’s those who are thinking they want to get out of their house.  Not to the outdoors, but to another home.  While the emotions can really kick in, we need to be sure we are being logical about the decision as well.  So, here are some discussion points on whether you should become a slave to the bank via your mortgage or stay a slave to your landlord via your lease. Read the rest of this entry »

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