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January 21, 2020

googleclassIf you are like nearly every other human being on this planet, you probably use Google and YouTube about 50 times a day. BUT, did you know that there’s so much more to these two miraculous sites than just typing in some words and hoping you find what you need?

The LSS Center for New Americans is excited to announce TWO new technology classes that will focus exclusively on using Google and YouTube during the month of February! These classes, “Intro to Google and YouTube,” are open to all members of the community, so we invite everyone to come check it out and learn something new!

googleclassTeacher Becca, who will be leading the advanced evening class, says: “For students who have a lot of ideas and are motivated to create an online presence, this class will give them a launchpad to do so. We will navigate what Google has to offer, creating the time, space and confidence for students to start their own Youtube Channels.”

Intro to Google and YouTube Class (Advanced)
Mondays Nights 6 – 8 pm on:
• Feb. 3
• Feb. 10
• Feb. 17
• Feb. 24
At the LSS Center for New Americans
300 E. 6th St.

If you want to join this advanced class, please come ONE time for a pre-test on
• Monday, Jan. 27th, 6 pm
• Monday, Feb. 3rd at 6 pm

*You MUST pass the pre-test to attend this class.

googleclassAnother, more beginning class will also be offered in the afternoons. This class will cover  creating gmail accounts and using Google and YouTube. “We are so excited to offer this classgoogleclass as so many students have expressed in an interest in learning these skills. We hope they walk away with the tools they need to better share knowledge and make connections,” says Teacher Kate, who will be teaching this basic class in the afternoons.

Intro to Google and YouTube Class (Basic)
Monday – Thursday
12:30 – 2:30 pm
Feb. 17 – 27
At the LSS Center for New Americans
300 E. 6th St.

If you want to join this beginning class, please come ONE time for a pre-test on
• Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 12:30 pm
• Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 12:30 pm

*You MUST pass the pre-test to attend this class.

So, join us at The Center for New Americans to brush up on your computer skills and learn some new ones!

Written by:
Lindy Obach | LSS Center for New Americans
ESL Instructor
300 E 6th St | Sioux Falls, SD 57103
1-866-242-2447 toll free


Technology in the Classroom at the Center for New Americans

September 18, 2019


It’s not just English anymore.  Refugees and immigrants that come to the United States are no longer just bombarded with a new language.  They also have to quickly and successfully learn to navigate technology.

For instance, each morning I come to work.  I log into a computer and sign in for the day.  I check my email for any new messages.  I upload documents to share with my students.  I search electronic files and print papers.  At home I pay my bills, shop online, and communicate with family and friends all over the United States and beyond.

So it goes without saying that to live in America people need to be very fluent in technology. Students look forward to learning technology in our classrooms.  They know that technology is necessary for navigating this new country they are now living in.

At the Center for New Americans we help students learn about technology in the classroom.  In addition to computer specific classes, the Center for New Americans offers monthly technology days in all English classes and often includes technology in daily lesson plans.

Many of our students are dedicated to learning English and mastering computer technology.  They faithfully come to combined English and technology classes.  When asked why they are so dedicated and why technology is so important to them, this is what they answered:

One student, a hardworking young man from Sudan, says he came to the United States “because  it is a free country.” English is important to him, because it’s “the official language in the U.S.  I need to speak and write it,”  but he believes technology is equally important because, “I want to learn computer to apply for a job.”

Another student, a young mother from Ethiopia, came to America because, “I want to live in a free country.” She says that in addition to learning English, “Computer skills have become more and more important as companies have started to depend upon computerized technology to get almost every work done.”

I am so very proud of my students for recognizing the importance of technology and embracing it with such determination.  Kudos to you and here’s looking towards an amazing future!

Written by Heather Glidewell | LSS Center for New Americans | Adult ESL Instructor

300 East 6th Street, Suite 100 | Sioux Falls, SD 57103

1-866-242-2447 toll free | 605-731-2059 fax


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