In A House But Not Married

June 15, 2017

Not long ago, as we were doing introductions at the beginning of our Homebuyer Express class, one of the participants stated that he was scheduled to close on his new house in two weeks, but was still shopping around.

Ummmm, what???

As the story goes, he and his girlfriend were going to buy the house together and he, in the interest of peace and harmony, let her pick out the house.  But now, before closing, she was no longer girlfriend.  He could still afford the home, but it wasn’t the home he wanted.  So he was still looking around and trying to decide if the extra costs of backing out were worth it for him.

As more and more unmarried people are buying homes together, it brings some “interesting” potential issues to the surface.  Even if the individuals buying together aren’t a couple, but rather siblings, business partners, or just friends, the situations can provide for some more challenging “now what” moments. Read the rest of this entry »

Should You Buy a House?  5 Things to Consider.

June 8, 2017

As June is National Homeownership Month, we are doing a series of blog posts relating to home ownership.  Each will have a different perspective, so stay tuned for more.

First, full disclosure.  I teach our homebuyer education course.  I have my real estate license.  Even though my license is inactive, I am still involved in our local real estate association.  I even teach the classes required to get your real estate license.  Am I invested in that world?  Yes.

I’ve been both a renter and home-owner.  I currently own my own home and would have it no other way.

I am a big fan of home ownership.  It is no secret.

I’ll also be the first one to tell you that home ownership is NOT for everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

Is It REEEEEALY A Good House?

December 14, 2016


So what is your new year going to look like?  What do you want house-and-coinsto do this year?  Change?  Experience?  Does that list include the purchase of a new home?  Does the enormity of that idea scare the bajeebbas out of you?  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  After all, how do you know it’s a good home?  Has it been taken care of?  This is a huge purchase and commitment.  How do you know you aren’t getting into a money pit?  There have been at least a couple of funny movies based on that experience.  Is your purchase going to inspire an entirely new episode of comedy?  Possibly…… Read the rest of this entry »

Forget ‘Up’, Keeping IN With the Neighbors

June 20, 2016

In my neighborhood there is a home that appears to by occupied by at least a couple of young women.  By ‘young’, a typical crabbier old guy might classify them as ‘those stinking kids that need to get a real job and grow up’.  I’m not there yet.  But when I walked past and realized they had a live band playing in the back yard the other night, I thought, “Oh boy, this could get interesting.” Read the rest of this entry »

Home Inspections Gone Wild

June 9, 2016


A stranger walks through the house, checking out every little thing, at times taking pictures and at others just making notes.  It’s not a quick visit.  This will take upwards of 3 hours.  While it may sounds like the plot of some horror movie, it is real life that happens every day.  Whether or not it is a horror story depends on the house.  Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Cleaning Financial Style

April 12, 2016

Depending on the day, spring is finally here.  Yes, there are still blustery days that start with scraping the windows on your car.  But there are also those nice days that get us all a little excited for the impending summer.  It gets us excited to get up and moving, get outside, and even get some spring cleaning done.

Aside from the psychological rewards of accomplishing a cleaner home, there are also financial benefits to taking care of that spring clean-up.  Let’s take a look at some of them: Read the rest of this entry »

Slave to the Landlord or Slave to the Bank?

January 27, 2016


I’m sitting here in my office with a south facing window, the sun shining in, and I’m thinking, “Man, that’s almost annoyingly hot on the side of my face.”  Then I turn and look out to see the sun glinting off of the ice covering our parking lot.  This is when cabin fever really starts setting in.  The sun is warmer, but it’s not warm outside yet.  Even if we get a warmish day, it will just be sloppy out there.

As much as I am going to get antsy to enjoy the spring flowers, there’s another cabin fever that will start kicking in soon too.  It’s those who are thinking they want to get out of their house.  Not to the outdoors, but to another home.  While the emotions can really kick in, we need to be sure we are being logical about the decision as well.  So, here are some discussion points on whether you should become a slave to the bank via your mortgage or stay a slave to your landlord via your lease. Read the rest of this entry »

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