Dream Series – The Beginning Of A Dream

July 6, 2017

“I have a dream.”  That’s become a powerful statement for a lot of different people.  While I certainly in no way intend to detract from it’s most famous speaker, we have to admit that almost all of us have dreams that we want to see to fruition.  Some are large, some not so large (but not necessarily any less important).  Most of those dreams end up involving money or credit at some point in time.

Here at the Center for Financial Resources, we are beginning a new series of blogs titled the “Dream Series”.  These are designed to help people reach for and accomplish any dreams that they may have or find.  Each post will build on this idea.

So for this inaugural week’s post, the question is – “What exactly is your dream?” Read the rest of this entry »

Looking Back to Move Ahead

November 18, 2015

From now until Thanksgiving, the LSS blog will be looking at ‘Thankfulness’ in each of the posts. Written by various programs, check back each day for a different perspective on why or what we celebrate.

A while back my parents were watching my kids for the day. Needing to clean the house, my parents took some time to do that. Being the people-pleaser that she is, my daughter offered to help. So impressed by her willingness, my dad gave her a dollar for helping. When the basement came up, she again offered to help, so she was offered the task of dusting a few things. As soon as she was done, she looked at Grandpa and asked, “What do I get for that?” Read the rest of this entry »


December 22, 2014

Despite all that we preach and teach here at the Center for Financial resources, as we travel the final approach to Christmas I have one thing to say. In my best (and not that great) Brooklyn-Italian accent, I’ll leave this year off with a big “Fuhgeddaboudit!” (For those needing a Mid-West translation, that’s a slurred together ‘forget about it’.) Read the rest of this entry »

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