The Back to School Blues Strike Again

August 27, 2015

Today my sister posted pictures of my beautiful 5-year-old niece grinning ear to ear on her first day of kindergarten. Oh my! The memories just came flooding back. This year I will drop off my 5th grade daughter for her very last “first day” of elementary school. Time rushes by so quickly. I wrote the words below when she went to kindergarten. If you also had a tough time on the first day of school please read on. You are not alone if the first day was a little emotional.

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One Click

October 20, 2014

I was reminded recently at how often children are just one CLICK away from becoming a sad statistic.  My daughters enjoy riding their bikes and cyclocross racing. It is great exercise and a fun way to enjoy time as a family. Through this hobby, we have become passionate about bicycle safety and teach our children how to ride safely, predictably and respectfully. Before a recent race, we checked each daughter’s helmet. We heard that reassuring CLICK as it buckled in place right under her cute little chin. After finishing her race, my six-year-old daughter was riding her bike back to our car. As my husband and I followed her on foot and watched in terror, she lost control of her bike and fell…hard…on the pavement. The picture below is her helmet. If you look closely, you can see that the protective foam that protected the back of her head is broken into three parts. My little girl was only one CLICK from becoming one of the 153,000 children that are treated in hospital emergency departments for bicycle-related head injuries each year. Some of those children never leave the hospital. (


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A Day at Preschool

October 29, 2012


Last night marked an important day in the lives of more than twenty preschool students. We are so thankful to have experienced many important milestones with them and we know that they will continue to grow and learn! The gym was filled with proud parents, grandparents, friends and family members. As we watched the children sing, recite their lines and accept their special diplomas I couldn’t help but wonder if their preschool experience will stick in their memories. We already know that research shows that a high quality early childhood education experience results in long term educational and social benefits. I know they will remember what they have learned. What I have found myself pondering is if these children will retain even more than that. So much of what happens in preschool is filled with the 5 senses. I wonder too if for these children who have had such  positive experiences in their preschool years the smell of crayons, feel of playdough or sound of children’s music will bring back memories of happy times with friends and loving teachers. This reminded me of one of our first blog posts from Childcare and Education Services. Read on to see what our graduates have enjoyed.

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Ten Little Fingers, Ten Tiny Toes and One Amazing Brain!

October 23, 2012
LSS Childcare and Education

Children learn when they are loved. Interaction with caring adults is at the core of baby brain development.

They have ten little fingers, ten tiny toes and one amazing brain! As parents, we find ourselves bombarded with tips on how to make our baby the smartest, healthiest, most polite, most creative, best kid around.  Read the rest of this entry »

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