I Now Pronounce You… A Budgeter!

Written by Dana Goeman, Financial Counselor and Educator


You stroll down the driveway, open up the mailbox and – Alright, sweet! Another wedding invitation!

It’s wedding season, folks! Even if you yourself aren’t tying the knot this summer, there’s a good chance you may be invited to a wedding or two. Maybe you’re even part of the wedding party! Regardless, the expenses involved with being a wedding guest can add up quickly—there are bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, travel, lodging, food, clothing, gifts…

An essential part of navigating this season with as little financial stress as possible is being on a budget. And no, being on a budget doesn’t mean you CAN’T spend. Quite the opposite! A budget is really a map of where you want your money to go and allows you to plan accordingly for these expenses, giving you permission to spend on the things that matter to you. It lays out a game plan for your money based on your values.

When you plan out ahead of time how much you want to spend, it gives you a guideline to shoot for. Rather than aimlessly throwing things from the wedding registry in your online shopping cart and feeling overwhelmed later about how much you spent, you’re the one in control. Maybe your budget shows that while you can comfortably spring for a new pair of shoes to wear to the wedding, you might want to stick with wearing a dress you already own. (It’s okay to repeat an outfit. I promise!)

And keep in mind: If you know you’ve got room in the budget to attend the wedding festivities and go big on a wedding gift and that’s important to you, go for it! If your budget is a little tighter right now due to your circumstances, don’t feel guilty for not attending altogether—send a card or gift instead if it will save you some peace of mind. The amount you spend when someone gets married is not indicative of your appreciation for them.

Gift-giving and being a part of wedding fun is awesome, which is why we want you to do so in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling remorse after the fact. If you aren’t sure how to lay out a budget and want to walk through getting started with a professional, give us a call. Our financial counselors will meet with you to help you create a personalized budget that works for you. Call 888-258-2227 or email cfr@LssSD.org to get started.


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