Trip to Pierre 2023

In the early morning hours of March 2, twenty-seven students, four teachers, one caseworker and three volunteers ventured out of Sioux Falls towards Pierre. The students were eager to see the state capital, meet with representatives and witness democracy in action.

The students first saw the state capitol building. Several marveled at the beautiful frescos and architecture of the building. The students then sat in on sessions in both the Senate and House of Representatives, where they were introduced by Senator Reynold Nesiba and Representative Linda Duba. In both chambers, the students received a standing ovation from the legislators. After watching the sessions, the students had the opportunity to speak with Senator Nesiba and Representative Duba and ask them questions.

After this, the group made their way to the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center. There, they were given a tour of the museum and learned about South Dakota’s history. The students loved looking at the different items in the museum and learning more about South Dakota. Several students noted things that were similar in their countries. One student from Iraq was interested in the Lakota creation story about rock being the very first thing in creation. She said they had a similar story in her country. Another student saw an old loom used in South Dakota’s early frontier days and excitedly remarked that she had used a loom like that in Ethiopia.

After seeing the museum it was time to head home. The students had a wonderful time and chatted about the different things they saw on the ride back. Thank you to the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, Adult Education and Literacy, and Lutheran Social Services, Center for New Americans for sponsoring the event.

Students, volunteers and staff speak with Senator Nesiba in the Capitol building.

Senator Liz Larson practices her Nepali with two Nepali students.

Students at the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center.

Kate Harris: ESL Instructor & Career Navigator
LSS Center for New Americans
300 E. 6th St., Suite 100
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
P: 605-731-2000 | F: 605-731-2059

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