Meet Henry, “I Became His Person.”

LSS Foster Care Services

After many years of struggling to start their family, Hannah and her husband turned to LSS. In the fall of 2016, they were officially licensed as a foster family and adoptive resource.

“We are thankful we chose to do this journey with LSS,” says Hannah. “We have been blessed to work with a team of people who are professional and faithful in their dedication to serving children and families. They coordinate resources and walk with us in difficult times and celebrations.”

Hannah and her husband have adopted five of their foster children placements through LSS Foster Care Services. Each child entered the family with their own stories, but there’s one who really clarifies for the family what their purpose on this earth truly is. His name is Henry.

Henry experienced traumatic injuries at just 12 days old and spent 12 days in the NICU where he was not expected to survive.

“He showed us one miracle after another,” Hannah continued. “I logged so many hours with Henry, day and night, for months. Pacing the floor with him, singing to him, praying over him. He cried and screamed his way through healing—and not just physically. He cried when someone coughed or sneezed and we found out later that his abuser had a perpetual cough. Henry would wake up screaming in the night, terrified. Many tears fell and many prayers went up in those first months.”

“As a result of the abuse Henry experienced, he is blind, has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and over half of his brain is water.”

“The reality is that Henry was lost in there and could’ve been forever, except my heart connected with his in those horrific moments of pain and healing and I became his person. Henry’s pain was that he needed someone to love him no matter how long the nights were, no matter how he screamed and how he communicated his needs. My pain is that I had nine miscarriages and had asked God for a baby so many times that I’d given up hope and hoped again for 20 years. Henry and I were the perfect match because I needed him as much as he needed me.”

Henry needed a safe and loving home to help him heal, grow and survive. He is now five years old and has a safe home, four other siblings and he is loved deeply by his forever family.

“Every child deserves to grow up safe and protected from abuse and neglect— that is our goal at LSS. Caring foster parents offer children support and stability when they need it most. South Dakota is in extreme need for foster parents who can work with us at LSS to empower children in need to become stronger and more confident individuals as they grow into adulthood,” says LSS Permanency Services Director, Jill Jensen.

“We’ve been lifted up by generous gifts that LSS has connected us with,” says Hannah. “We thank LSS, all the faithful staff and volunteers and giving partners who give so generously to make life better for so many kids. I thank you for your heart, kindness, prayers and giving. You all make an enormous difference in the lives of kids who would be lost otherwise.”

Your impact takes shape in many ways at LSS.

Supporting LSS Foster Care Services ensures a safe home and sense of security are available to help children reach their full potential.

All donations in support of LSS Foster Care Services will be matched up to $25,000! Donations made to LSS Foster Care Services support the recruitment, training and licensing of new treatment foster families; expanding our ability to serve youth in our South Dakota communities. Donations can also support experiences for youth in foster care such as extra-curricular activity fees and equipment, birthday gifts, outings and more.

LSS Foster Care Services

LSS Foster Care Services offers a safe, nurturing environment for youth statewide through treatment foster care. LSS Foster Care serves youth under the age of 18 with behavioral, emotional, developmental and medical needs. In addition to supporting youth in foster care, LSS recruits, trains and supports foster families through Resource Family Services.

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