Mark Your Calendar for Our Annual Week of Giving April 10-14

In the spring of 1921, an open house and donation day marked the opening of the House of Mercy, the first service offered at LSS for young women experiencing unintended pregnancies.

The next day the House of Mercy welcomed its first applicants for admission—an elderly woman and a seven-year-old girl who needed a home. While they were not the expected clients, the House of Mercy warmly welcomed them and offered shelter and support.

This April, we honor the history and tradition of LSS through South Dakota CARES, a statewide week of giving featuring program site tours, online giving challenges, and social celebrations!

Last spring, you showed us that together, we are powerful as a community. During our 2022 South Dakota CARES fundraising drive, 289 donors came together to donate more than $282,000 in support of vital LSS services. Thank you!

We are grateful for the critical role you have played in our history and for your continued passion and belief in our mission to make our vision a reality—that all people in South Dakota will be healthy, safe and accepted.

Join us in making history once again, by making a donation during our biggest fundraising event of the year! Earmark your spring support on the enclosed pledge card, or visit today!

Rebecca Kiesow-Knudsen, President/CEO

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