Christmas: A Time of Unexpected Hope

I can’t help feeling emotional around Christmas time. Not just because of the joy of the season, the happiness of seeing friends and family, the sadness remembering loved ones we’ve lost, or the excitement of giving and receiving gifts, but because of the STORY. The story of Mary, a young woman, unexpectedly pregnant, unmarried, and undoubtedly afraid.

Aside from the fact that the Angel Gabriel told her she would bear the son of God, which would be scary enough, she knew she would have to face the cold hard world with this difficult endeavor. What would everyone think? Mary had strong faith that carried her through this difficult time. Mary had the love and support of her family and Joseph too. And she had that angel telling her everything was going to be OK. She had hope.

So often women today who face unexpected pregnancies face a lot of fears, have difficult decisions to make, and they struggle to find faith to believe everything will be OK. It’s hard to find hope. I can’t help but think of these women when I hear the Christmas song, “Breath of Heaven.” I think that song speaks well for women facing the decision to parent or to place their baby for adoption, as portrayed in a previous blog, and a reminder to breathe.

Individuals facing unexpected pregnancies face a lot of hardships, judgments, and unsolicited advice. It can be a scary time. When you’re feeling unsupported, it’s hard to make decisions. It’s hard to have hope.

At LSS we offer support and help individuals find the confidence to make the best plan for themselves and their babies. If you know someone facing an unexpected pregnancy, make a referral to a pregnancy counselor for non-judgmental, FREE options counseling and decision making services from LSS at 888-201-5061, or online.

“Do not be afraid.” Luke 1:30

Peace to you this holiday season.

-submitted by Joyce Twite, LSS Pregnancy Counselor

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