I Became His Person

LSS Foster Care Services

Hannah and Henry joined LSS at our annual donor recognition luncheon in September to share the heartwarming story that brought them together. Henry joined the home of Hannah and her husband as a baby after he had suffered traumatic injuries at just 12 days old.

Hannah and Henry with Jill Jensen, LSS Permanency Services Director, at the Annual Donor Recognition Luncheon in September.

Henry needed a safe and loving home to help him heal, grow and survive. He is now five years old and has a safe home, four other adopted siblings through LSS Foster Care Services, and he is loved deeply by his forever family.

LSS foster parents are such a blessing! Thank you to the Ferdig family for serving as such an important part of Henry’s journey and sharing your story.

“My heart connected with his in those horrific moments of pain and healing. I became his person,” said Hannah. “Henry’s pain was that he needed someone to love him no matter how long the nights were, no matter how he screamed and how he communicated his needs.” Hannah’s pain was that she experienced and grieved nine miscarriages. “I asked God for a baby so many times that I’d given up hope and hoped again for 20 years.”

“Henry and I were the perfect match because I needed him and he needed me,” she continued. “We grew and healed together. We’re so thankful to LSS for their professionalism and bravery, and for truly loving us through the really tough roads that we’ve walked. They helped us create our family and we’re forever grateful.”

Learn more about LSS Foster Care Services. With training and support, you can become a foster parent. Join us on the last Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm MT / 6:30 pm CT via Zoom to learn more, or call us today at 888-201-5061. It starts with a conversation. The Zoom meeting ID is noted in the graphic below.

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