Positive Changes Are Possible With Support

LSS CARES Wraparound Services

Life is challenging, and sometimes families need support to make positive changes. That is the premise of LSS CARES Wraparound Services.

“Often, families feel stuck while chaos surrounds them, or that success is just out of their reach,” said Program Supervisor Shannalee Mask. “Wraparound services help families make positive changes in their lives regardless of their life circumstances. Families are not alone.”

Started in 2021, CARES Wraparound Services is an early intervention service that follows a high-fidelity wraparound approach to service delivery by providing care coordination based on the family’s strengths and needs. Services are family-driven and team-based.

The primary principles that guide LSS CARES Wraparound interactions are that the family’s voice is heard, and their choices and decisions are respected. Referrals are made through school social workers or counselors, and families have the choice to enroll. There is no obligation to participate.

Services are available in Sioux Falls and Watertown. To learn more about LSS CARES Wraparound Services, visit us at Wraparound.LssSD.org or email info@LssSD.org.

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