First Annual LSS Day of Giving Was a Success

South Dakota CARES, the first annual LSS Day of Giving in May 2022 was a success, raising more than $282,000 for direct care to clients.

Success milestones include 22 percent of donors giving their first gift to LSS this year, and 18 percent rejoining LSS by making their first donation in two or more years. Contributing to the success of the day of giving were eleven sponsors and seven matching gift opportunities.

“The generosity of our donors helps build awareness and inspire action in others to give back during our annual day of giving,” said Paige Short, Vice President of Philanthropy Services. “Community support plays a vital role in the sustainability of critical LSS programs and services offered statewide.”

Whether it be to ensure that a child facing significant trauma can attend counseling sessions at no cost, a struggling teen has the support system they need to finish school and learn to live independently, or a family has access to resources needed as they prepare to adopt a child, your support makes a difference. These are just a few examples of direct care where donor dollars had an impact during South Dakota CARES 2022.

Thank you for your support and generosity in caring for your South Dakota neighbors. Keep an eye out for South Dakota CARES in spring 2023.

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