Together We Build Communities — One Relationship at a Time

As our kids settle into a new school year, more than 1,000 volunteer mentors are preparing to meet with their students as part of our Youth Mentoring Services.

Mentors look forward to the weekly meetings with their mentees. They will come with many questions about their mentees’ summers and look forward to playing board games and chatting over lunch.

I have mentored many students in my 21 years with LSS. Each had special gifts and talents and a unique personality. Each benefited from the one-on-one attention of a caring adult who wanted to spend time with them.

We often hear from our school partners about the many ways that mentoring benefits students. From increased self-esteem to improved school attendance, mentors make a difference in as little as just one hour a week.

Mentoring builds community — one relationship at a time.

At LSS, our vision is that all South Dakotans will be healthy, safe and accepted. Mentoring programs create relationships that help our young people feel healthy, safe and accepted.

There are more than 200 kids on a waiting list to spend time with a mentor. I encourage you to consider becoming a mentor this fall. LSS offers mentoring opportunities in all the school districts in Lincoln and Minnehaha counties. To learn more, call 800-568-2401 or go to

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