Hope Springs Eternal

From the window view of my desk, I can see the Big Sioux River thawing. Already I have seen more joggers and bikers frequenting the river walk, and I myself have enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather.

Additionally, the great Canadian geese will soon be joined by Mallards, wood ducks, and American coots. They will walk and swim, side by side, caring for their young and finding food among the grass and within the river’s depths.

It goes without saying that spring is definitely the season of hope…hope for prosperity, perseverance, rebirth, new beginnings. And as our mild winter comes to an end, we find our classrooms are changing. New students are arriving, fresh from war-torn countries or long-term refugee camps. They are filled with hope and determination to make this new community, new city, new country theirs. They seek to learn about their new culture, to make friendships, to survive in this new world.

We here at Center for New Americans continue to hope and strive for a better world for our clients. Case workers scramble to find homes and jobs, greet new arrivals at the airport, help families enroll children in schools. The teachers painstakingly plan lessons, work with the students so that they can learn English at an accelerated pace. Everyone works together. Everyone works hard. Everyone looks toward the future with hope and anticipation. Hope is our mantra.

Written by Heather Glidewell | LSS Center for New Americans | Adult ESL Instructor & Volunteer Coordinator Assistant
300 East 6th Street, Suite 100 | Sioux Falls, SD 57103
1-866-242-2447 toll free | 605-731-2059 fax

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