New Debt Collection Rule

It’s been 45 years since the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act has been updated. Let’s be honest though, ways of communication are quite a bit different than they were in 1977. With the new update debt collectors can now contact via text message, email, and even direct messages in social media. text message image

Yes, you read that right – collectors can now contact you through social media, but… there are still laws in place to protect consumers. They can not post anything that would be visible to the public; it needs to be as a private message.

As of Nov. 30th, 2021 collectors have to include an option to opt-out of receiving messages in all ways of communication. Dealing with debts in collections is already stressful enough, and with these new changes it can become even trickier. Collectors can contact in all ways accessible for each debt that they have, so someone could receive a text, email, phone call, letter all over the same bill, but like I mentioned, there has to be an opt-out option for each method. It is important though to leave at least one method open. If all methods are closed there is no way of knowing where the debt is, or if it could be moving into further legal action.

We know that dealing with debt whether in collections or not can be daunting sometimes on knowing what to do. Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us and a counselor can go over all options available. You can call us at 1-888-258-2227 or visit our website at

Written by Cassandra Johnson, Financial Counselor and Educator

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