Counselor Spotlight – Rod Lipka

Rod Lipka

Rod Lipka has been working for LSS-Center for Financial Resources for three months now, and he is fitting right in with our team. He has such a heart for wanting to help those in our communities. We asked Rod a couple questions about his thoughts on our department and here is what he had to say:

–Why did you come to LSS-Center for Financial Resources?

“What attracted me most to LSS is that everything offered is about what is most beneficial for the clients. The goals of our programs are about education, counseling, and consultation, not sales.”

–Why would you recommend LSS-CFR to others?

“The commitment LSS has to the community can be seen in all the services offered and how actively they are promoted to make sure those most in need are aware of what we can do to assist them.”

–What else do you feel people need to know about working with LSS-CFR?

“Our priority is to provide clients with well informed options. There is no judgment and the details of counseling are private.”

Written by Cassie Johnson, Financial Counselor and Educator

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