Meet a Match: Erica & Cheyenne

My mentor is amazing, funny and adventurous. – Cheyenne

My mentee is fearless, caring, outgoing, cheerful and artistic. – Erica

Erica was involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sioux Empire program since 2009. When her “little” ended their match when the program changed to LSS, Erica wasted no time in letting us know she wanted a new mentee. Eight months ago we were able to match her with Cheyenne, and as they say, the rest is history.

Erica has continued to mentor for over a decade because of the quality time and the look on kids faces after they spend time together. Oftentimes, mentors get to have a front row seat as kids experience their firsts — first time ice skating, first time bowling, first time eating at a particular restaurant or trying a new-to-them food. Erica has learned to appreciate those moments with the youth that she has been matched with. Cheyenne included!

Cheyenne says the best thing about having a mentor is just talking, and like Erica, having someone to try new things with. When with Erica, Cheyenne says she feels excited and like all of her problems disappear. Like any relationship it took time and Cheyenne acknowledges that she was slow to open up. Erica did not give up and now they are much more comfortable when they are together. Erica says that now Cheyenne talks about anything that is on her mind.

Over time, rapport was built over their common interests – a shared love for dogs and and doing activities that feed their creative spirits. Erica says that a favorite memory is doing string art together and watching Cheyenne’s hesitation turn into confidence. In just under a year, this match has learned to approach new situations with positive attitudes and try new things…together.

We hope they will continue to do new things TOGETHER for years to come!

There are currently a number of kids (mostly boys) in need of a mentor in the LSS Climb program. If interested, please call us at 605-444-7803, email or check out our website for more details.

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