Thanks to The Children’s Place!

Items for selection at KidLink

Much reflection has gone on this past week about “one year ago” and how the world changed. A big part of the pandemic was the shut down of retail. The Empire Mall closed its doors, leaving merchandise sitting. When the mall did finally reopen, it was almost a new season and new inventory had to be put out.

The Children’s Place was no different. They were stocked with beautiful Easter clothing — ready for services, brunches and photos with the bunny. Instead of keeping it or selling it wholesale, they wanted to give back to the community by donating the unsold items. LSS was the lucky recipient of dozens of boxes of clothing.

A girl tries on a new hat and mittens.

We were able to distribute to families in our mentoring, foster care, and childcare programs! They were so thankful for the beautiful clothes! LSS also shared the donation with Sioux Falls Thrive’s KidLink program. There were many more families that had their evening made during a February event where we distributed clothing. We were also able to pass along some to students at Garfield and Hawthorne Elementary. The schools were excited to give new clothing to families in need.

There were lots of squeals of joy amongst girls picking out a new dress and big, thankful smiles from parents. One family has five daughters, and said this was one of the few brand new items their youngest daughter now has. Another parent, who received a winter coat, said that the zipper on her daughter’s coat had completely broke that morning. She did not think too much of it until receiving an email from her daughter’s teacher saying the class was going outside because the temperature was 10 above. The mom quickly claimed the coat, picked it up from LSS and dropped it off at school so her daughter could enjoy being outside with her classmates. And lastly, a child said, “this dress makes me so happy and I feel like I can do anything in it!” We know you can, girl!

A HUGE thanks to The Children’s Place for giving so much.

Post by Michelle Madsen

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