How to Enroll Your Child in LSS Mentoring

LSS Mentoring Services matches volunteer mentors with children in the Sioux Falls area. The goal is to empower young people to succeed by establishing trusting relationships with adult volunteers.

When a child has an LSS mentor, they have an additional caring adult in their life who is trained to provide support, expand possibilities and foster hope. Mentors have a significant impact on youth by providing guidance and developing consistent, long-term friendships. LSS offers three programs to meet the needs for a variety of kids. We want all kids to know they have a place at LSS and we are committed to helping them find a mentor.

LSS accepts referrals from school staff, parents, service providers and students can even refer themselves! A parent/guardian must give final approval for a child to be part of an LSS mentoring program. Matches are made based on student need and the potential for match success. Review the options below and see if there is one that works for a child in your life.

Climb – mentoring in the community, kids ages 7-14
LSS Climb enrollment must be completed by a parent/guardian. Parents work with mentors to schedule meetings and communicate with program staff about their child. Upon receiving an application, an LSS Climb case manager will set up a parent and child interview to complete the enrollment process. When enrolled and eventually matched, mentors work with the parent to schedule outings. Matches can determine their own adventures based on interests! We ask that matches spend about four hours per month together – how they schedule that time is up to each match.

USucceed – mentoring in the community or school, grades 9-12
Ideally, students enroll in USucceed during their freshman year with the intent to meet with a mentor through their high school graduation. Matches are made and supervised by both LSS and the students’ school. While freshman are the ideal candidates, a student can enroll in USucceed at any point in their high school years. When a mentor has been found, the match can meet during the school day or during evening and weekend times. Matches spend about four hours per month together.

Everyday Heroes – mentoring in school, grades PreK-12
LSS is in partnership with all public schools in Lincoln and Minnehaha counties as well as Flandreau Public School to provide mentors to meet with kids at their school. Each partner school has a coordinator on their staff. To enroll a child in Everyday Heroes, contact the school the child attends. Matches are made at the discretion of the mentor coordinator at that school. When matched, students meet with their mentor during lunch, recess or directed studies once per week.

All LSS mentors are thoroughly background screened and trained before being matched with a child. We are available to answer questions and help mentors and students get the best out of this experience. To start the enrollment process, please contact LSS today by emailing or calling us at 605-444-7803.

Post by Michelle Madsen
Program Director, LSS Mentoring

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