What is Peace?

Merry Christmas from the LSS Adoption Program!  As we prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas this year, knowing things will look a little different because of the pandemic, we pray that you are filled with Peace this season. As prospective adoptive families wait to receive placement and birth families explore their options, we pray everyone will experience Peace. A few thoughts come to mind when we think of having Peace in the adoption process.

Pray – pray for families as they wait to be matched with a child, pray for birth families as they explore options for their child, pray that everyone has strength and open hearts

Excitement – adoption is exciting and adoptive families and birth families both experience levels of excitement in adoption, birth parents get excited to choose the adoptive family for their child, adoptive families are excited when they are chosen by birth parents

Acceptance – for birth parents making decisions for their baby’s future; that they are able to know they are making the best decision for themselves and their baby

Caring – in today’s adoptions, the majority involve some level of openness, birth parents and adoptive families develop strong caring relationships with one another

Evolve – each adoption is unique and the relationship between birth family, adoptive family, and child evolves as they get to know one another and as the child grows

We hope and pray that you and your loved ones will be able to experience Peace this season!

For more information on LSS Adoption Services or LSS Pregnancy Counseling, please contact LSS at 605-221-2346 or 888-201-5061.

Submitted by Hayley VanDenBrink, LSS Adoption Program Supervisor

LSS Adoption & Pregnancy Counseling
621 E Presentation St |Sioux Falls SD 57104
605-221-2346 or 888-201-5061
Strengthening Individuals, Families & Communities

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