Why Choose LSS When Considering Placing Your Baby for Adoption?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is stressful enough. There are a lot of decisions to be made, so struggling to know who to trust shouldn’t be an additional stress. Often it feels so overwhelming that you just want someone else to take care of everything. Sometimes this opens up the opportunity for coercion to take place. Adoption is a permanent decision, so it is important that clients are fully informed, feel supported ownership of their decision, and feel protected from coercion or exploitation.

So why chose an agency, such as LSS for pregnancy counseling? Because LSS Pregnancy Counselors help clients decide what is best for themselves and their baby in a non-judgmental non-coercive setting. It’s not just about adoption. Pregnancy Counselors provide clients with a decision-making packet. They look at a budget for parenting, explore community resources, and even talk about what will happen at the hospital and how that will be paid for. If clients decide to parent, Pregnancy Counselors assist with making a parenting plan to be the most successful parents they can be. If parenting is not possible, then they explore adoption – how it works, what they want it to look like, who they want to choose as parents, and what their expectations of the future will look like and how to develop an open relationship. Whichever decision is made, finding resources, services, and emotional support is encouraged.

Families adopting through LSS have more than just an approved home study, they have training in how to raise an adopted child in a loving open adoption. They are taught to teach their child about their adoption with open communication, love and support. They learn to see adoption through a birth parent’s eyes and develop empathy and respect for them. LSS also offers continued support after adoption and has for 100 years. Birth mothers in their 70s have contacted LSS after their adoption that took place 50 years ago!

The best part about a Pregnancy Counselor is that their help is FREE! There is no sliding fee scale. There is no cost if they chose to parent. LSS provides Pregnancy Counseling Services statewide.  For more information on Pregnancy Counseling or to refer someone, please contact LSS at 605-221-2346 or 888-201-5061.

Submitted by Joyce Twite, SWA, Pregnancy Counselor

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