2020 Outstanding Mentor Nominees

Today, we want to introduce you to a few more of our 2020 LSS Outstanding Mentors! While were were not able to celebrate them in person, please take a moment to read more about these special people.

Cathy Brechtelsbauer, Mentor at Patrick Henry Middle School
Cathy is diligent in making her Wednesday meetings every week at Patrick Henry. She is incredibly reliable. Many times, her student will express to school staff how much it means to have Cathy visit. Along with being reliable, Cathy is resourceful! She is always bringing different crafts and projects for the two of them to work on. One time, she brought in wood and sandpaper to make a table! Things like this teach the student new skills and gives depth to the time they spend together. Everyone at Patrick Henry is thankful for the reliability and commitment by Cathy!

Shane Matthys, Mentor at Roosevelt High School
Shane always keeps in touch with his high school student, whether by phone or visits. He makes so much effort to talk to his student and see him regularly because he has a genuine interest in this kid. Shane is in the USucceed program with his student, which allows for contact outside of school and with his students family. Recently, Shane invited his student and family to his home. Everyone was so excited to meet his student because they had heard so much about him! His students mom says, “I am so grateful that my son has a man in his life that is of great character and he feels comfortable sharing with him. It just gives me peace and comfort knowing that my son has Shane to talk to and Shane has always been there for him. I also feel confident in Shane’s character and I know anything they talk about at all, Shane handles with love and care. He has my son’s best interest at heart and it shines through with everything Shane has ever done or said.”

Troy Miller, Mentor at Hawthorne Elementary
Troy has served as a mentor for six years, and currently meets with two students – a high school student in USucceed and an elementary school student in Everyday Heroes. With his high school student, Troy is so happy that they both stuck with the match. They have been able to experience kayaking, fishing, movies, basketball games, dining out and hunter safety classes. The two both enjoy power lifting – a sport that his student just started this year and one that Troy participated in as well. With his elementary student, Troy is happy to just be a stable presence for him at school. He followed him through a school transition, and they enjoy playing games (Pictionary is a favorite) and reading together. Troy has been personally impacted by mentoring. He always leaves in a better spirit and takes time to appreciate the students he mentors.

Congratulations to these nominees! Please watch for more outstanding mentor nominees next week!

Post by Michelle Madsen

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