What Do We Love?


Here’s a warm fuzzy of a story for you.  There was this guy who had to blatantly violate the law to follow what he believed.  When caught, he was arrested and convicted.  Then he was beaten with clubs.  Then stoned.  When he wasn’t dead yet (insert classic Monty Python bit here), he was beheaded.  Then, after being buried, he was soon dug up and pieces of him sent all over Europe to be displayed to this day.  All in the name of love.

If you haven’t connected this with the Facebook memes yet, yes, this is referring to St. Valentine.  Had he been alive today, I’m pretty sure his favorite song would be “I would do anything for love” by Meatloaf.

Now I’m pretty sure St. Valentine was doing it all for the love of his God.  But as we have morphed the day designated to honor his memory, it has certainly become a day to commemorate our love of many, many things…..including our significant other.

That’s right.  I said it.  Valentine’s Day isn’t just about expressing our love for our significant other.  Our society has turned it into a day to honor all things we love like a pig rolling in mud on a hot day.

We love good food.  We love flowers.  We love sappy fancy treatsgreeting cards.  We love jewelry.  We love the recognition we get for giving nice things.  We love……..love…….

I have no problem with any of those things, to be honest with you.  They are all good.  But what happens if you just aren’t able to provide those things you think your significant other may be looking for?  Is it that you don’t love them, or at least don’t love them as much as you should?

I think we all know the answer to that is a resounding “No”.  At least I hope we all know that.

If things are financially tight for you this Valentine’s Day, I would encourage you to take a moment and think about what you really want to exhibit your love for this holiday.  Is it love of the stuff?  Is it love of the experience?  Is it love for your significant other?

couple-on-couchNow that we have that cleared up, what can you do to express your love for them?  As busy as our culture is, I would argue that time may be just as precious as any bit of gold you could buy for them.  It is the building of a relationship.  It is quality, unhurried time to just be together.  It is a relationship.

Now if the gold really is more important, well, let me make a referral for you over to our personal counseling department for an appointment for the two of you.

But I digress…..

Once you know which subject of your affection you would like to honor, figure out how you can truly honor that within your budget.  After all, if that subject requires you to place yourself in financial trouble, do they really love you?  Or do they love the stuff you give them?

If you have already found yourself facing financial challenges or want to figure out a plan to avoid them, the counselors at the Center for Financial Resources can help you out.  You set the priorities and then we help you figure out a route to achieve those priorities.

You can schedule an appointment by calling us at 605-330-2700 or by visiting our website.


written by Breck Miller, Community Relations Coordinator
images courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

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