LSS Mentoring Now Includes Head Start

Through a new partnership between LSS Mentoring Services and the Sioux Falls School ist1_6456892-boy-holding-word-learnDistrict Early Childhood Program, mentors are now able to meet with some of the littlest learners in town!

LSS mentors are now able to meet with students in Head Start at either Lowell or Laura B. Anderson elementary schools. Head Start serves 3 and 4-year-old children who are in low-income families at schools across the district with preschool programming. According to the 2018-19 Head Start Annual Report for the Sioux Falls School District, 46% of the approximately 900 children under age five who live in poverty in Sioux Falls are served by Head Start.

The benefits of adding a mentoring relationship at this young age are critical. Most often, students attend Head Start at the school in their neighborhood. When mentors are in the routine of going there already, this will not change as the student transitions to Kindergarten.

Head Start classrooms are primarily half day programs. They have one session from 7:45-11:15 AM and an afternoon sessions that is 11:15 AM-2:45 PM. Lunch is served at both sessions, so all kids receive a nutritious meal. Mentors are invited to work with classroom teachers to find a time that works best for them and the student.

There are several precious little ones waiting for a mentor! Please consider applying today – and make sure to indicate that you would like to be in a Head Start classroom on your application.

Post by Michelle Madsen, LSS Mentoring Services

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