New Americans-About-Town

There are a million wonderful things about the Center for New Americans, but the two main wonderful things are our students and their willingness to jump right in to their new community. This was the case, again, when a group of teachers and students went to the Downtown Public Library and attended a City Council Meeting during the evening block of classes a few weeks ago.. These were both new experiences for our students, but they enjoyed every minute of it.

At the library, the students learned about the services the library offered and then got library cards. And with those cards, they checked out books, books on tape, and DVDs. Oh, do we love the library. Thank you, Librarian Amber, for showing us the library ropes!

After some time exploring the library, we then walked two blocks south to the Carnegie Town Hall to attend a City Council meeting –all of us (teachers included!) for the very first time.

New Americans About Town

Students pose in front of the Carnegie Town Hall.


The City Council meeting that night seemed to be most about city improvement, so we listened in as Sioux Falls citizens gave their input on the ash trees, downtown transportation, and road construction; then we watched as the Council members discussed establishing a new dog park downtown and expanding the bike trail.

New American About Town

Students and Teachers inside the City Council room, waiting for the meeting to start.

Overall, it was another great night with our students and everyone experienced something new and important!

Written by Lindy Obach | LSS Center for New Americans
ESL Instructor
300 E 6th St | Sioux Falls, SD 57103
1-866-242-2447 toll free

Strengthening Individuals, Families and Communities

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