Why school staff love mentors

LSS.MentServvertPost by Michelle Madsen
Director, LSS Mentoring Services

Each year, LSS surveys school personnel who work directly with mentors and students to make the program work! Here are some of the results of this annual survey.

  • 95% strongly agreed that mentoring made a positive impact at their school.
  • 92% responded that student need and want for a mentor was the strongest influence when making a new match.
  • The majority responded that most mentored students lack consistent attention from an adult.
  • When estimating need for next year, school personnel indicated that 250 more mentors are needed.

Overwhelmingly, responses were positive. Below are a few quotes about the benefits of the program.

  • I love this program. It has such an amazing impact on the students. The kids LOVE when their mentor comes and talk about him/her for days beforehand.
  • We get very positive comments.  The staff very much appreciates the time and dedication the mentors give our students.
  • It is always good to give a student a reason to come to school and create a positive connection with the environment here.
  • Some benefits include, but aren’t limited to, improved attendance, improved student mood, excitement over coming to school and spending time with their mentor, less behavior issues in some students and improved coping skills/less emotional struggles.
  • Students really love the relationships they form with their mentors. They get excited that someone comes to school just for them.
  • The mentoring program is a vital part of our school day. Students benefit socially, academically, and mentally when they have the ability to spend quality time with a stable adult.
  • Nothing bad to say about the mentoring program. So thankful we have this to utilize at our school!

At LSS, we appreciate all of the time and effort school staff put in this year! This program would not be successful without your support.

If you are interested in helping reduce that 250 mentors needed number, please consider applying today. We are able to accept and train mentors throughout the year! Now is a great time to start as there is plenty of time to get ready for the 2019-2020 school year.

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