Mentor Follows Student to 3 New Schools

Post by Michelle Madsen
Mentoring Services Director

Four years and three schools ago, JJ was matched with his mentor, Mike Christianson. In that time, JJ has grown to appreciate their weekly meetings and the special one on one time that mentoring provides. “It’s good to have a mentor because it gives me a bit of a break,” said JJ. “It’s crowded and loud in the cafeteria.”

Through the school changes, JJ has made sure that staff at his new building know he has a mentor. “I have told the principal at my new school that I have a mentor and then he comes and meets with me,” said JJ.

Mike, who is the Executive Director of Sanford Air Med, said that mentoring is a great break in his week. “Mentoring is never a ‘have to do’ each week. It is a ‘want to do’ and I look forward to seeing JJ,” said Mike. “Our time is very personal and there are no other distractions. For me, it is a great way to re-charge at the end the week. Plus, I like to see what kids are up to.”

Both JJ and Mike enjoy sports. They talk about games and have played basketball at times. In addition, Mike talks about his work and has showed JJ pictures of flight simulators. This match does simple things, but it works. “It’s fun to spend time with Mike. I want him to stick with me until high school,” said JJ.

If you are able to offer stability, friendship and kind words to a local student, please visit our website to learn how to get started!

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