Give Back! Get Discounts! Buy the Coupon Book!

May June 2018 IPC students with certificates

June 2018 Introduction to Patient Care students receive completion certificates. Coupon Book sales will help fund 2019 classes.

This holiday season, there is a unique way to support LSS! Downtown Gives is a program that promotes the sales of coupon books that can be used at several downtown retailers. The books are $15/each.


Proceeds will benefit LSS adult English students at the Center for New Americans by providing them with Skills That Employ People (STEP) Classes. These one-month workforce training classes prepare students with the English language and skills they need to enter and thrive in employment. Common classes include Introduction to Patient Care, Manufacturing Skills and Safety and Commercial Housekeeping.


Books will be available for purchase until December 31 and coupons are good until March 31, 2019.


The book offers great discounts at stores and restaurants listed below. The only way you can purchase a book is in person by visiting one of the participating businesses:


*   Acorn 19/Bead Co. – 319 South Phillips Avenue

*   Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen – 600 North Main Avenue

*   Chelsea’s Boutique – 220 South Phillips Avenue

*   Child’s Play Toys – 233 South Phillips Avenue

*   Coffea Roasterie – 200 South Phillips Avenue

*   Cookie Jar – 230 South Phillips Avenue

*   EmBe – 300 West 11th Street

*   Fernson on 8th – 201 North Weber Avenue, #100

*   Game Chest – 421 North Phillips Avenue, #113

*   Great Outdoor Store – 201 East 10th Street

*   Grille 100 Restaurant (Holiday Inn City Centre) – 100 West 8th Street

*   Half Baked – 120 South Phillips Avenue

*   K Restaurant – 401 East 8th Street, #128

*   M.B. Haskett – 324 South Phillips Avenue

*   Mahlander’s Appliance and Lighting – 8th Street and Minnesota Avenue

*   Nyberg’s Ace (Downtown location) – 200 East 12th Street

*   Palmer Lea – 206 South Phillips Avenue

*   Plum’s Cooking Company – 401 East 8th Street, #107

*   Rehfeld’s Art & Framing – 210 South Phillips Avenue

*   Rug & Relic – 401 East 8th Street, #114

*   Say Anything Jewelry – 225 South Phillips Avenue

*   Sharing the Dream in Guatemala – 421 North Phillips Avenue

*   Shop Dog Boutique – 5015 South Western Avenue

*   Simply Perfect – 401 East 8th Street, #108

*   Sticks and Steel – 401 East 8th Street, #118

*   Young & Richards – 222 South Phillips Avenue

*   Zandbroz Variety – 209 South Phillips Avenue



Don’t miss out on these great deals and the opportunity to help raise funds for LSS Center for New Americans!


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