There is still time to give back!

There are far too many kids in the Sioux Empire that feel alone. Kids who feel they have few people to turn to when they need to share their hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations.

With all of the opportunities for connection these days, kids should not feel as if they are on an island. They need mentors. Mentors help kids feel less isolated and are there to share the highs and lows life can bring. Volunteer mentors who time each week let at least one student know they have someone in their corner.

The benefits of mentoring are plentiful. What mentors are also quick to point out is the impact of mentoring on their own life! Mentors truly build bridges and enrich their life by sharing time, conversation and a listening ear with other people’s children.

As we approach the close of the season of giving, there is still time to get involved and make a difference.

  1. Make a donation in support of LSS Mentoring. Your donation will go toward recruitment efforts for additional volunteers, background screenings and ensure the best resources for mentors. A gift of $100 will cover the costs of one mentor for a year. You can donate online by clicking here.
  2. Recruit another mentor. There are dozens of kids waiting for a mentor. Please encourage others to consider this opportunity! And if you’re not a mentor already, go here to apply.

The Sioux Empire needs more kids to feel like they are part of this community. At LSS, we believe the best way to do that is by providing them with the care and support of a mentor. Please help us strengthen our Impact by making a donation or mentor recommendation today.

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