First Impressions

Mentoring can be a little bit like a blind date. When students and mentors meet for the first time, they are both equally excited and nervous.

This time of year presents many opportunities for mentors and students to meet for the first time. And for those of us that have been around the program, it is fun to see how these meetings go! We are happy to report that overwhelmingly students and mentors want to continue to meet after their first encounter.

To further emphasize this point, here are two stories that were shared with us this week following a first meeting. The matches both involve students who are freshmen, and both students are so happy to finally have a mentor of their own as they navigate high school.

The first is from a mentor who met her student for the first time. The mentor had been through our training and knew the program, but still was a little nervous at the thought of mentoring for the first time. She wrote, “I wasn’t sure what to expect but my heart was beyond joyed when I left and I believe my student felt the same.”

The second was shared by a school counselor who asked her student what he thought about meeting his mentor for the first time. She said his reaction included this line, “I get to do this for the next 4 years?  YES!!!” In this situation, his mentor had been with a student who graduated and after giving it some thought, he decided to continue with a new student this year.  Obviously, the student was very happy with that decision.

The happiness, relief, excitement, joy and hope for the future is so evident in both reactions. What’s holding you back? Do you want to volunteer in a situation where your heart is beyond joyed after just one hour? Do you want to be part of someones life who almost can’t believe they get to meet with you? Apply today and don’t let the opportunity to make a great first impression slip away.

Post by Michelle Madsen

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