Meet Donna and Tessa

Donna and Tessa are part of the LSS Better Together program and have been matched a little over a year. They singed up for very different reasons but they both have been thrilled with their choice. After working with children at her previous job, Tessa wanted to get involved in the community by spending time with a different population of people, and Better Together was the perfect opportunity to do just that. Donna signed up as a neighbor because she thought it would be fun and she knew getting out more would be good for her health — physically and mentally.

They both feel that Better Together is a great program and they have loved participating. Together, Donna and Tessa have enjoyed concerts, dinners, shopping, LSS events, making cards, and strolling through the shops downtown. Donna wasn’t able to pick out a favorite activity because she has enjoyed every single activity that she and Tessa have participated in. Tessa’s favorite activity has been learning to play BINGO and making cards. Donna is an avid crafter and card maker and has shared that passion with Tessa.

They both enjoy the time that they spend visiting and discussing what is going on in their lives. Donna was so happy to hear about plans for Tessa’s recent engagement, shower and wedding. In the future, they are most looking forward to going to a movie and having one final meeting to celebrate their time together, as Donna has decided to move back to Wisconsin to be closer to family. We are happy to say that Tessa will not discontinue her time in the program and will be looking for a new neighbor to spend time with! She will have a lot of choice with nearly a dozen individuals on the waiting list.

If spending time with an older adult and doing fun things sounds like something you’d be interested in, please consider applying to be a volunteer today. The application can be found here or contact LSS Mentoring Services at 605-444-7803 for more information!

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