Meet Stacy and Emma

Stacy Walters and Emma have been meeting for nearly two years through the LSS Stacy and EmmaUSucceed Mentoring Program. Emma has enjoyed her time in the program and gave one of the best student quotes about what a mentor means: “Having a mentor is good because I don’t always want to talk to someone about issues and it’s easier to talk to Stacy. Friends can judge, but a mentor can talk.”

Stacy, who has mentored a few different students through LSS, pours into the students she has the opportunity to get to know. “There needs to be as many adults around teenagers as we can get,” said Stacy. “They are trying to figure out who they are, so it’s good to have as many adults for support as possible.”

Stacy still stays in touch with a student that she mentored through LSS, and is currently helping this student plan her wedding! Stacy said that her role in the wedding is the “Bonus Mother of the Bride” and she has enjoyed being part of the process.

While it is fun to continue to be part of a mentoring relationship beyond high school graduation, Stacy sees the value of the program and wants to continue to impact young people. She enjoys participating in the LSS USucceed program, which allows for meetings outside of school (this program is only open to students in high school). Her and Emma usually get together to eat, hang out and talk. “It is a great program and I hope a lot more people choose to mentor,” said Stacy. “The structure makes it easier and a great way to get used to each other.”

If you are interested in mentoring, please visit here for more information.

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