Cathy, Skylar and Rachel

In April, LSS awarded the 2018 Sanford Outstanding Rookie Mentor Award to Cathy Zerfas. Cathy, a retired teacher, was so excited and honored to receive the nomination and award! She has been an amazing mentor to two students at Harrisburg Liberty Elementary. Here are a few things people had to say about Cathy:

Jennifer Van’t Hul, School Counselor: “Cathy is a loyal mentor that goes above and beyond to support her students. She came to our try-it event and her big heart could not turn away either one of the girls she met. Cathy comes with a smile and enthusiasm twice a week so each girl gets her individual time. These girls needed a little extra attention at school and Cathy bring them that care they need to feel more confident throughout their day. That is why the girls look forward to seeing her each week!”

Skylar: “She’s really kind, sweet and really generous. Even if it’s not the best day she can cheer you up.”

Rachel (who Cathy describes as talking with her whole body): “She’s the best mentor in the whole world!”

If you want to know more about her, please take a  few minutes to watch this video of Skylar and Rachel talking about Cathy. It is great!

rookie video preview

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