Lynne Jones, 2018 Outstanding Mentor


Congratulations to Lynne Jones, the 2018 Outstanding Mentor! Here is a quick breakdown of her in numbers:

3: Number of students she currently mentors
65: Number of hours she works per week at her 2 jobs
4: Number of students she was mentoring at the start of the school year (one student moved out of state in February)

To Bella, Adam and Nicholas, she is so much more than a number. She is the highlight of their week, their cheerleader, their trusted friend, their favorite, their mentor.

Lynne started mentoring at Lowell and has embraced the school and students. In addition to mentoring, Lynne volunteers to chaperone field trips and attends all school functions — including showing up in a cape at field day last year.

Please take two minutes to watch the video linked above to hear what Lynne’s three students have to say about their time together. Here are just a few quotes from each.

Adam (1st Grade): “My favorite thing to do with Lynne is play games – like the Minion game.”

Nicholas (3rd Grade): “Lynne is nice, kind and helpful.”

Bella (4th Grade): “I always wanted a mentor and then I finally got one. When we first met I asked what we should do and she said it was my choice.”

Congratulations again to Lynne Jones, Lutheran Social Services 2018 Citi Outstanding Mentor.

Post by Michelle Madsen

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