Light and Life to All He Brings, Ris’n with Healing in His Wings

The angel choir proclaimed God’s gifts to humanity – peace, mercy, joy, light, healing – all wrapped in a tiny baby. As we welcome the newborn King this season, Lutheran Social Services is thankful to be a part of sharing these gifts with individuals, families and communities across South Dakota.

We ask in Jesus’ name that the gifts of peace and mercy will abound to all those in need this season, especially—

  • Bless the refugee working to put the oppression of her homeland behind her.
  • Bless the young man struggling with severe mental illness who is learning to make it on his own.
  • Bless the couple creating a new family with an adopted child.
  • Bless communities of all sizes healing from devastating disasters as they begin to move forward.

As we reflect on our own blessings, I invite you to join LSS in caring for others. Last year, LSS provided care and touched the lives of others more than 61,000 times with the light of healing. As federal and state government support declines, your prayers, support and gifts are needed more than ever. Please consider a gift to LSS today by clicking here. Or, visit to make a secure online donation.  Whatever you can give at this time will be a blessing to those we serve.

May the joy of the season rise in your heart both now and throughout the coming year.

Betty Oldenkamp
LSS President/CEO

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