Saying Goodbye to a Great Volunteer


Volunteer Riley, Teacher Heather, and Teacher Amy at the Center for New Americans

Thank You Riley!
Volunteers are a vital part of the learning experience in our adult learner English classes. Volunteers decide to help with classes for various reasons. Volunteering is a great way to build confidence, feel a connection to society, develop new social skills, make friendships, be a role model, and share skills and talents with others.
Volunteers at LSS range in age from 18 to 80, and include current and former students, university students, work and church groups, retirees, and a myriad of others. These volunteers want to give back to our community and help others.
For the past year, we have had the privilege to have Riley join our intermediate classes as a volunteer. This past June, we had to say goodbye to Riley as she and her husband moved to Georgia for a new work opportunity.
Although many of our volunteers are local residents, Riley is originally from China. Volunteering is an excellent way for non-native English speakers to strengthen their language skills and help others in the process.
Riley became a volunteer at LSS, “Because I like helping people and one of my Chinese friends who learned and volunteered at LSS recommended LSS for me.”
Volunteers do many things in the classrooms at LSS. They may help students in a variety of ways to work on reading and writing skills, speaking and listening skills. When asked what Riley enjoys the most about being a volunteer, she said, “I enjoyed talking with students in the oral class to help them to improve oral English and discussing with students in the writing class to help them to improve writing skills.”
Riley’s favorite experience being a volunteer was, “that I learned English skills from teachers and knew different cultures from students.” She also greatly enjoyed the classroom activities for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.
I asked Riley what her plans are for the future, and she said, “I hope that I could always be happy and healthy and realize self-worth.” Riley hopes volunteer again in the future because she believes that volunteering helps to better oneself and it is very important to her to help others.

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