Raven employee sees value in giving back

After about a month on her new job at Raven Industries, Sara Lopez-Jauregui knew she wanted to volunteer to mentor. “Raven has a culture of service and volunteering, so it was easy to get started,” said Sara. She met with a student at Edison for a few years. When that student changed schools, she was matched with Ashley. The two have been together the past three years.

“We have a lot in common and also have a good connection that makes me look forward to seeing Ashley each week,” said Sara. The two have made the best of their time together. In addition to the typical mentor activities of playing a game and chatting, the two have used the foods classroom to cook together! They have made lots of different cookies and pancakes.

“I am happier when she’s around,” said Ashley. “She gives me courage to talk with friends.” Ashley and Sara also talk about being women in typically male-dominated careers. Sara works in the Ag division at Raven, and Ashley is interested in construction.

Ashley was very excited to get a mentor like Sara and looks forward to continuing their relationship in the future. She is looking forward to meeting with Sara in high school through the LSS USucceed program. She says the first thing she wants to do is take Sara to McDonald’s since Sara has bought that for her before. They both say the best thing about mentoring is that it is fun! And while they are anticipating more fun together in the coming year, it is evident that both Ashley and Sara have gotten something they needed as a result of this relationship.

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