1000 pages!

Year after year, a great volunteer group from CIGNA comes together to make Life book pages for children and youth in foster care.  These caring and talented volunteers outdo themselves each year!  This year they put together over 1000 pages in one day!  That’s right, 1000 pages!  For someone like me who is not overly creative or artistic, the idea of putting together just one of these life book pages is overwhelming.  Just thinking about the image of paper, scissors, and glue flying around the room as these ladies create wonderful pages makes me smile.   The way they come together to use their time and talents to support children and families that they do not know and will probably never meet is truly awesome!

On behalf of LSS Foster Care Services we want to say thank you so much for your support of the children we serve.  We want to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all the volunteers who make life book pages and to the R Scrapbook Store for gathering donations of supplies for us.  Thank you!

If you are interested in learning more about LSS Foster Care Services, please contact Jill Jensen (Jill.Jensen@LssSD.org  or 605-221-2346) or Mark Kiepke (Mark.Kiepke@LssSD.org or 605-791-6700).

Binders filled with Life Book pages

Submitted by: Amy Witt, Sr. Director, Children & Youth Services

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