What School Counselors Think About Mentoring

Every year, LSS surveys school counselors in the area about their partnership with LSS Mentoring Services. The results this year were excellent! ALL counselors agreed that mentoring makes an impact at their school – with 93% STRONGLY agreeing that it makes an impact. Here are just of the wonderful things they wrote in the survey:

  • The child’s attendance and mood is better on mentor days.
  • Mentoring is so beneficial for each student that I have involved in the program. It is so great for students to have a consistent fun time to look forward to, and for a lot of these students, mentoring is that positive future-oriented event in their life that they look forward to.
  • The child is happy and bubbly every week of the day their mentor is coming. Before the match, this student did not smile a lot, but now I know I will see her smile at least on mentor days and I even hear her laughing. She loves her mentor who is one of the only positive adults in her life outside of school.
  • Students with mentors look forward to coming to school – even when it’s hard or not what they want to do. They seem to brighten up at the attention they receive.

The counselors did have one universal request – more mentors. If you want to get involved with youth and make a difference, please consider mentoring! You can complete an application today.

Thanks to the school counselors for making this partnership work! We look forward to the upcoming school year!

Post by Michelle Madsen

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