Open Adoption – the Best Mother’s Day Gift

Every May LSS has an annual event to honor birth mothers. It provides them with an opportunity to visit with others who have traveled the same path in choosing to place their children for adoption. It serves as a support group as they struggle with grief and loss, but also allows them to celebrate their child.

Last year I attended this event. Those with open adoptions glowed as they talked about how wonderful it is to be able to see photos and get updates of the kids as they grow. They smiled as they talked about the last visit they had and how much they treasure those moments. What struck me is that this gift of open adoption truly gives these women their dignity. But the biggest message was how incredibly grateful they are, and how much they love, respect, and appreciate the parents who have adopted their children.  And these women are loved, respected, and appreciated in return by these families as well through openness.

So this mother’s day, honor your mothers. If you’re an adoptive parent, ask the birth mother of your child how she’s doing, and thank her for giving you the priceless gift of family. Happy Mother’s Day!

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